AIU-III Diploma

The famous Walt Disney saying goes…."If you can dream it, you can do it."

Propagating underwriting as a profession in India, development of Indian Underwriters into a professional group, competency building and providing quality underwriters to the industry has been the VISION of AIU Founder Members.

It is our endeavour to develop courses in Insurance, which will help aspiring as well as existing professionals in insurance industry to enhance their capabilities. A small step towards our mission of insurance education and training, we are happy to introduce our new Diploma in Life Insurance.

AIU thanks the Insurance Institute of India and the Academy of Life Underwriting who have been instrumental in AIU’s dream coming true!!

The Diploma in Life Underwriting course is the result of collaboration between these three institutions:  the Association of Insurance Underwriters,Insurance Institute of Indiaand the Academy of Life Underwriting coming together. The tripartite agreement to the effect was signed on 15.11.2013.

The dedicated efforts by the Syllabus committee members, led by erstwhile AIU President, Ms. Deepa Pandit, with the support of Insurance Institute of India saw the successful launch of the Diploma in Life Underwriting in 2014. It was a landmark achievement for both AIU and III.

It’s a two level Diploma :

Level-1 (Basic Level) Diploma in Life Underwriting (DLU) consisting of Five Papers, which are a combination of mandatory 3 Insurance Institute of India Papers (IC-01, IC-02, IC-22) which introduce the examinee Basic Concepts of Insurance and Underwriting. The III papers are incorporated “As-Is” in the Diploma Syllabus. The Legal and Regulatory Book which is a Ready Reckoner on Legal Aspects and Regulations, a “must-read” for all underwriters. It is compiled with Select Chapters from Insurance Institute books - IC-14 and IC-24 and with three new chapters being added. Additional paper is Fundamentals of Medical Underwriting.

Level 2 (Advanced Level) Advanced Diploma in Life Underwriting (ADLU) consisting of Three Papers that covers Intermediate Medical & Non-Medical Life Insurance Underwriting & Advanced Life Insurance Underwriting.The Academy of Life Underwriting Books incorporated in the Diploma Syllabus are  modified considering Indian Scenarios / New Chapters added, wherever necessary.Insurance Institute of India is successfully running these course papers over past few years and several candidates have taken these exams.

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